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Welcome to Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Therapy and sanity for ordinary parents of special kids.


Two ordinary mothers share the extraordinary reality—the joys, challenges, and absurdities—of raising “imperfect” children in a world preoccupied with perfection.

Each year, the number of children diagnosed with special needs and disabilities increases—yet if you’re a parent of a special child, you can feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and isolated. Sisters Gina Gallagher and Patricia Konjoian (“The Poster Sisters of Imperfection”) know the feeling well, and have set out to show parents of children with special needs that they are not alone in this highly imperfect book. Packed with humorous, heartwarming anecdotes and empowering information and advice, Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid is the perfect medicine for parents of special or (gasp!) average kids, without the scary side effects. Strap on your seatbelt and prepare to laugh as they take you on an imperfect journey that will open your eyes to the gifts that every child has to offer — even imperfect ones.

Imperfection Hits South Korea

img_03Patty and Gina were thrilled when a version of Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid was published in South Korea. To date, they have not read the book as they must first brush up on the Korean language.They were, however, thrilled to discover that they look thin on the cover(though they both could use a shave) and that the publisher chose a natural photo of them on the inside.


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