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Shut Up Daughter Defies “Experts,” Graduates from College

Breaking news in the World of Imperfection!  Shut Up Daughter, Katie,  one of the inspirations for our book,  Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid,  recently completed all the requirements needed to earn her Bachelor’s degree from Westfield State University.

Diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at age  7 , Katie was told by “experts”  that she would never  graduate high school,  live on her own, or ever even attend college. Well once again,  Katie proved those “experts” wrong and accomplished  all of those things. What started as a dream  for Katie  finally became her reality.  “I am wicked happy! It took a lot of time and hard work, but I knew I could do it,” said Katie. Katie’s mother, Gina, (the tall goofy Shut Up sister) was elated, ” I am so proud of her! She has overcome so much in her young life. She has a very bright future. And speaking of her future, she is available for employment. In fact, I have set up a hotline, 1-800- EMPLOY-KATIE to help find her a job.  Just kidding, it’s a website.”  

Recently and wrote articles highlighting Katie’s accomplishment.  You can read the articles below:


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