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Welcome to Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Therapy and sanity for ordinary parents of special kids.

What people are saying…


“I had the privilege of meeting Patty and Gina in Illinois at a children’s mental health conference. I also had the privilege of hearing them present on their work to spread “The Movement for Imperfection.” In talking about their experience in raising their children, one with autism and one with bipolar disorder, they managed to get the audience to roar with laughter and well up with tears. They reminded all of us of the importance of humor and fun, even when it comes to serious matters like raising children with serious treatment needs. I found great hope in their message!”

Darcy Gruttadaro, J.D.
Director, Child & Adolescent Action Center
2107 Wilson Blvd., Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22201-3042
Direct Dial: 703-516-7965
Fax: 703-524-9040

“JUDGE this book by its cover! Gina and Patty, the ‘Shut Up Sisters’ and authors of Shut Up About… Your Perfect Kid!” were the keynote speakers at our annual community Honoring Families-Celebrating Strengths May dinner event in Worcester, MA. They had a room of almost 300 parents and providers laughing, crying and inspired with the courage to go back out there in our ‘perfect world’ with renewed hope. Their book and presentation is straight from a parent’s heart: brave, honest and real, a support group in a book! This Movement of Imperfection is long overdue. What they have so wonderfully done is wake us up and remind us to love our children unconditionally, appreciate who they are, learn from them, laugh with them. If laughter is the best medicine, this presentation is Prozac for those of us raising children with challenges!”

Rina Cavallini and Cindy Cesaitis,  parents of ‘imperfect kids’!
PAL (Parent/Professional Advocacy League) of Central MA

Patti and Gina were the BEST program we had this year….Challenging, exciting, interesting, funny and emotional…My Members are still talking about them…We want them back again….If you are looking for a great program for your club…Get ‘em…

Dick Vaughan , President Sturbridge , Ma Rotary Club…..
Letter of Recommendation for “Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid” presentation

It is my pleasure to recommend Patty Konjoian and Gina Gallagher for speaking opportunities, especially to families with special needs children. Their rare message of humor and insight on the joys of being a parent of a special needs child is welcome balance to the overwhelming journey parents face daily. They bring a message of hope, understanding and a different perspective about the gifts our children present each day.

Their presentation would be a tremendous addition to a conference or seminar format, fitting in any special needs forum. Most importantly your attendees would walk away with a smile on their faces from the laughter Patty and Gina present in tandem.

Mary Romaniec
Helping Our Children Achieve
Parent mentor

A mere thank you doesn’t seem enough. We so appreciate you coming all the way to the Midwest and sharing your lives with us. We will never be the same. I have a new quote for you. Our pastor said it Sunday: You are perfect at being imperfect!

Here it is a month later and everyone is still talking about those darn Shut Up Sisters! You’d think we never laughed here in the Midwest. You two brought laughter and tears both at the same time. Thank you for sharing your lives and the lives of your families with the Piecing It All Together participants. You were so popular that we had to rearrange our schedule to make The Shut Up Sisters our lunch entertainment so all could hear. You got into our hearts and we will never be the same. THANK YOU!

Jane Roennigke
2008 PIAT Chair

“I want to thank you for your entertainment at the Conference in Edwardsville. You sisters were a great addition to the conference…Laughter is such a healing medicine, and your gifts of taking the imperfect situation and making people see the lessons in laughter is so enlightening…There is a great lesson to be learned from your book. You can either get bitter or better from being handed a difficult situation and you sisters have decided to get better and are weaving a golden thread of acceptance in an imperfect world through humor and a vision of growth in a society that must open its eyes to ‘catching flies.'” 

Conference attendee
Edwardsville, IL

“I want to thank you for being such a special part of our first-ever “gala dinner” and celebration of Voice of Care’s fifth anniversary. Everyone raved about the program. I know I certainly enjoyed it, and was inspired and moved by, your experiences and your efforts to have other parents enjoy the uniqueness of their kids. Your presentation fit perfectly with our theme of making a difference. YOU are making a difference!”

Mark Bussert
Director of Development
Voice of Care
Wheaton, IL

“We were so glad to have you come and present during our Parents’ Weekend. We received such great feedback and I think the parents connected so well with you both and your stories. How refreshing for them to hear someone speak what they undoubtedly have felt in silence. Thank you.” 

Kim Besse
Chamberlain School
Middleborough, MA

“Thank you so much for a great keynote speech. Based on all the evaluations, I was  not the only one who was excited by it! Thanks for helping make our day fantastic!”

Brenda Powers, President
The Boston Association for the Education of Young
Children, May 2013 Conference.

“Thank you Gina and Patty for your wonderful keynote presentation. It was our pleasure to have had the chance to meet such devoted, realistic parents as yourselves. You both have a gift of putting just enough levity to the subject and nailing the real issues.” 

Judy Glendenning, Tools for Success Conference,
Jacksonville, FL

“Thank you for your incredible evening last night at our event in Brooklyn. It was really something powerfully refreshing, original, and impactful – and we already received many favorable comments from attendees. Disability and stigma transcend every community, every faith, and every economic bracket. In a world that is sometimes so polarized and compartmentalized – your universal messages speak to all. Wishing you only continued success.” 

Derek Saker, Director of Marketing & Communications
OHEL Children Home & Family Services.

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