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Sammie the Snake and Klonopin

Snake charmer with cobra, India

Image by UW Digital Collections via Flickr

We’ve heard this story in a few places, so we’re starting to believe it’s true. According to Weekly World News, a huge three-foot Cobra snake escaped from the Bronx Zoo and is now slithering around the streets of the Bronx. We can’t even look at the photo without reaching for Klonopin (then again, we can’t look at ourselves without doing that). Could you imagine finding a three-foot Cobra in your apartment or home? We wouldn’t know what to do especially since we never learned the flute, nor are we particularly charming.

Gina has been especially terrified of snakes throughout her life. “Pat, I just can’t stand them. Give me a good spider or scorpion any day of the week and I’m fine.”

As a young girl, she couldn’t even watch Sesame Street. “Mommy turn it off! Turn it off! He’s on again!

“Gina Frances calm down, that’s just Sammie the Snake. He’s confessed he’s harmless; he just looks like the letter S.”

Truth be told, she gets a panic attack whenever she sees one on TV or in the woods (where she sometimes finds herself chasing her golf ball).

What kinds of things make you panic?

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2 Responses to Sammie the Snake and Klonopin

  1. Sandra Compton March 29, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    OH Yeah,,,, that looks nasty, creepy,, and I wanna run,,, HATE snakes!!! I can’t even pick up a worm let alone one of those monsters on the loose!! YIKES!!

  2. Sharon March 29, 2011 at 8:25 pm #

    I had a pet snake as a child, pushed him around in my doll carriage with a blanket over him. Also let him ride around my waist with my shirt tucked in. Still, I don’t like to be SURPRISED by a snake.

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