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The Movement of Imperfection (TMI) Hits Brooklyn, NY



Who said New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox fans couldn’t get along? Last night, the Shut Up Sisters and their new friends at OHEL Home & Family Services in Brooklyn, NY, proved that imperfection unites all. The evening was an incredible success, providing attendees with an important message of hope and Patty and Gina with a strong excuse to get out of the house. (By the way, Gina’s husband thinks the conference is still going on, so please don’t tell him it’s over.) Thank you to OHEL for welcoming us in to your beautiful family and to all the attendees who shared their personal stories and hearts with us. We truly do love NY!

Special thanks to Derek Saker for sharing his thoughts on the presentation:

“Just a short note to thank you for your incredible evening last night at our event in Brooklyn. It was really something powerfully refreshing, original, and impactful – and we already received many favorable comments from attendees.Disability and stigma transcend every community, every faith and every economic bracket.In a world that is sometimes so polarized and compartmentalized – your universal messages speaks to all. Wishing you only continued success. – Derek Saker, Director of Marketing & Communications, OHEL Children Home & Family Services.


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