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We only have ourselves to blame. We could make up excuses about why we haven’t updated our blog in weeks. We could say our dogs ate our computers or that we’ve been too busy responding to fan mail. But telling lies has never really been our style. We have always been painfully honest with our readers. Honest enough to admit that our dogs are too small to reach our computers and our mail consists primarily of bills and junk mail, as our parents (who run our mail department) are always quick to point out. Of course, that never stops us from asking.

“Mom, did we get any mail today?”

“Oh, just the usual, a Bed and Bath flyer and an invitation to join the Fruit of the Month club.”

The truth is, despite our best intentions, life, can sometimes get in the way. Sometimes we have plans to sit down at our keyboards, but then some pressing matter calls us away (like a Macy’s One-Day Sale).

But we’re about to begin a fresh new year. A year in which we resolve to re-design our website and update our blog more frequently, maybe even several times a week. (Of course, our past resolutions – to lose 20 pounds and be more organized – haven’t worked out so well.

There we go being too honest again. You know we really should resolve to lie a little.

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