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Welcome to Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Therapy and sanity for ordinary parents of special kids.

Welcome to our imperfect virtual home

So you’re imperfect, huh? You must be if you came to this site. It doesn’t matter whether you came looking for this site or stumbled up on it (proof that you’re an imperfect typist). The important thing is that you’re here. And not alone.

We’re your hosts, Patty and Gina, and we’re sisters. In some circles, we’re known as Lucy and Ethel or Mary Kate and Ashley (though we actually smile). Personally, we prefer Laverne and Shirley, since we both share a love of breweries and bowling.  (Gina also loves to wear a big G on her sweaters.)

We want you to feel like this is your imperfect home. A place where you can come to talk about the imperfect journey known as parenting. It doesn’t matter whether your child has a disability or not or whether you’re a parent at all.  The ride of life is filled with unexpected twists and turns and highs and lows. We’d be honored to have you share your ride with us – and all who come along with us.

We also encourage you to visit our Facebook fan page, simply by typing Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid. )Make sure you click on the new white book, not the orange one, which is no longer in print. )There, you’ll connect with parents from all walks of life who openly admit that life isn’t always perfect. They’ll answer questions for you, share stories, but mostly, let you know you’re in good company.

And here, we’ll blog about our joys and challenges in not just parenting, but in life. We’ll talk about our kids, make you laugh (mostly at us), and of course,  remind you that you’re not alone, even when you think you are.

We promise you’ll never be bored. Cause as we always like to say.  Life on the “Imperfect Side” is so much more interesting.

4 Responses to Welcome to our imperfect virtual home

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