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The Smoke and No Mirrors Approach to Aging

Would you believe that two of the women in this photo are not college students? It's all about dressing smartly..

Today, you can’t turn on the television without seeing an infommercial for some revolutionary product that’s supposed to slow down aging. We just don’t get it. Sure, we don’t like the fact that we’re constantly plucking gray hairs out of our heads, despite our mother’s warnings (“Saint Anthony! That’s the worse thing you can do.”) or that Gina can no longer  bend over when she plays basketball (though she’s found a solution — velcro). We’ve just accepted that physical aging is a part of life. We’ll never understand those people who stare at pictures of themselves in their younger days and point out how much they’ve aged.

“Look at my skin, Gina. It used to be so taut.”

“True, but look at your hair. I’m not sure you could pull off that shag today.”

We’re not saying that we don’t try to make ourselves look better. We both have been known to use products that de-emphasize some of our flaws (all 97,000 of them).

“Pat, can you tell I put on a little weight around my mid section?”

“Not at all. I can barely even see you. Buying that camaflauge Snuggie was a smart move.”

I guess we’re just two people who really don’t have the time or energy to count our wrinkles or look for other signs of aging. Of course, it helps that we spend a good portion of our lives avoiding  mirrors. Even our  husbands are surprised by the measures we take to avoid them.

“Mike, I kinda backed into the garage door again!”

“How many times do I have to tell you to use the rear view mirror, Gene.”

We realize that we’re probably in the minority. A lot of people really struggle with aging, including the author of this great blog below.

What about you? Do you hate to look at your wrinkles?  Tell us about it.

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