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If you loved me, you’d steal a baby!

Our mother lied to us. All those friendly reminders that the best way to hold on to a man was” to keep yourself looking good and cook your way to his heart”, lies, lies, lies Not that we even attempted to do any of that with our husbands

“Mike, it’s time for dinner. Get in the car.”

“Gene, wait! Don’t you want to comb your hair first?”

No something far much more real  than that keeps them with us:  they can’t afford to divorce us.  We kid of course. It’s just that some of the measures some women will take to hold on to their men really surprise us. The article below, for example, indicates that some women actually steal babies just to hold on to their men. Quite startling isn’t? What happened to a nice bottle of perfume? Or a good pair of Spanx?

Do you agree with the article? Gina’s husband certainly doesn’t. “Are you kiddin’? If you brought home another kid, I’d run away!”

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One Response to If you loved me, you’d steal a baby!

  1. Robin Walker January 28, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    This is a very sad story. I saw the footage of the birth mother right after the kidnapping literally begging hysterically for the person to bring her baby back. I can not fathom that loss and although the kidnapper might have some mental issues, it is still a crime that she must be held accountable for.

    I tell my son that his disability is not an excuse for bad behavior/choices, there is accountability and consequences for our actions. I believe this for all people.

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