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Is it Cool to Friend Your Mother on Facebook?

A few years ago, when Gina’s daughter Katie joined Facebook, she came to Gina with a startling request. “Mother, I’d like to friend you on Facebook.” Gina was shocked having heard that friending one’s mother is the equivalent of committing social suicide. Gina made a point to tell Katie how honored she was.

“Katie, it says so much about our relationship that you want to be my friend. I am so touched.”

“Hey Mom, it’s all about the friend count. Once I get to 101, I’m dropping you.”

Mothers who have been dropped or denied friend requests from their children should not feel bad. It’s a very normal thing as the link below highlights. Patty and Gina have not, for example, friended their mother for some pretty obvious reasons.

“Girls, are you on that Spacebook thing?  I hope you don’t give  out too much information.”

“Not at all,” said Patty, erasing her post that her front door was wide open and no one was home.

Are you friends with your child on Facebook?

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2 Responses to Is it Cool to Friend Your Mother on Facebook?

  1. Sandie Becker January 15, 2011 at 3:47 pm #

    I am friends with my 13 yr old daughter, not by her choice, but my demand. LOL I then went on her account and hid myself so she wouldn’t see my posts and statuses! It has actually worked quite well. I get to keep an eye on her and no one has to know that she has her mother as a friend!

  2. Judy January 15, 2011 at 5:42 pm #

    Mine’s only 10 and not into Spacebook (lol) yet. But I think my kid would be on of the 16% that forces him to friend me as a condition of using it. Either that or I’ll know his password and check in on him sometimes hehe. He’s an Aspie and I’d be paranoid about him getting cyber bullied. He’s approaching that age where he doesn’t want to tell me everything. That scares me. Hey, maybe if all more parents were fb friends with their kids and paid attention to what their kids are up to, there wouldn’t be so much cyber bullying. Just sayin.

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