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Laugh Your Way to Sanity


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Some girls are blessed with stunning beauty. Some. with incredible intelligence. Others, with the talent for art.

Then, there’s us — Patty and Gina

We look our best on the radio, have been told by hundreds of people we are not that bright, and possess no talent for anything musical or artistic (though Patty likes to brag that she can play the spoons).

We were, however, blessed with one gift — the ability to find humor in anything. We realized this a few weeks ago when Gina had a scare with a routine mammogram and had to be called back to the hospital for additional tests. The mammogram technician, boob killer, or whatever you call her, kept calling Gina back into the room for additional pictures. (Gina learned the world of topless modeling is not all fun and games.) Worried, Gina called Patty to share the news. To her credit (which may or may not have anything to do with Patty’s desire to leave the house), Patty met Gina at the hospital and waited with her in the waiting room among all the other robe-clad woman. Sensing Gina’s nervousness, Patty did her best to calm her little sister down.

“Gene, you know this is not going to be cancer, right?”

“How do you know that?” Gina asked.

“Because, I see you dying more suddenly from stress. I can totally see you having a heart attack or stroking out.”

Gina laughed, “Ah, thanks, Sis. I think you’re right.”

Fortunately, Patty was. The mammogram turned out to be a calcium deposit, which is the only deposit Gina has made in quite some time.

A few days later, Gina had an opportunity to return the favor to Patty, who was very stressed out over her financial situation.

“I’m telling you Gene, if I don’t get a job, we may lose our insurance.”

“That’s awful, Pat. Do you have any job leads?”

“Well, I just applied to be a greeter at a funeral home.”

“I think you’re a shoe in. I’m sure dead people will find you very interesting.”

Our point, and we do have one, is that humor is a very powerful coping mechanism. It also has some healing benefits, which are highlighted in the link below from Beyond Blue. Check it out.

Tell us what makes you laugh.

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