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Therapy and sanity for ordinary parents of special kids.

Loving the Small Stuff

There are many parents today living with multiple children with disabilities. We’re willing to bet, however, that there aren’t too many who have as many as 5 or more (though we think the Brady Bunch kids had some issues that were not talked about. For example, they’d like us to believe that Jan drove her bike into the family portrait because she needed glasses. We think she had a bilateral motor integration problem and a budding mood disorder.)

The thought of advocating for and meeting the needs of five special children would drive many of us to the brink of insanity (if we weren’t there already). The IEP paperwork alone would make the home a fire hazard. Not to mention the fact that we’d probably have to hire a full-time operator to answer all the school calls or at least get a great automated system. “If you’re calling for Johnny, press 1.. For Susie, press 5… If you’re my pharmacist and have my prescription ready, you will go straight to the head of the queue.”  Heck that would make our cable TV company’s phone system look like a walk in the park. (“Are you sure I just can’t come to India to pick up my new cable box? It might be faster than going through your automated system.”)

In any case, raising multiple children with disabilities definitely can’t be easy. Yet, the author of the blog below, a mother of five such children, is making the most of it by enjoying, not sweating, the small stuff. This inspirational blog is a lesson for all of us who get caught up in the little things, such as battling dust bunnies, storing our kids artwork projects, etc. She even has time to write heartwarming blogs and offer the rest of us hope and inspiration. What’s most amazing,  she doesn’t appear to be passing wine. How could she find the time?

How would you handle having five children with disabilities? Would you be as positive as the author?

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