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No Parking on the Dance Floor (unless your pregnant)

Portrait of an Unknown Lady c. 1595. Attribution from Marcus Gheeraerts II: Elizabethan Artist by Karen Hearn and Rica Jones, Tate Gallery, 2003, ISBN 1854374435.

Pregnant or just trying to get a good parking space?

Image via Wikipedia.

Big news out of New York City. A new bill is being proposed that would allow women experiencing a difficult pregnancy to park anywhere in the City for free- even in No Parking zones. Kinda makes us want to get pregnant, except for the fact that we have no patience left and have outgrown our old maternity clothes. “Gene, I’m going to ask Mom to add another panel.”  We’re sure, however, that this will make a lot of fraudsters come out of the closet.

“Pat, I’m not entirely certain, but I don’t think that 98-year-old man parking in front of the fire hydrant is really pregnant.”

What do you think? Should pregnant women be able to park wherever they want?

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