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Terrible Towels Not So Terrible for the Disabled

Original commercially marketed Terrible Towel, sold exclusively by Gimbel's Department Store, circa. 1976.

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Finally some positive football news. (Note: We’re still upset about the Patriots loss and not talking to Tom Brady). Check out the article below about how gear for Sunday’s “Big Game That Shall Not Be Named”  is actually made by those with developmental disabilities. We can’t help but wave a Terrible Towel in support of that.

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One Response to Terrible Towels Not So Terrible for the Disabled

  1. Debbie Stephens February 1, 2011 at 3:09 pm #

    Myron Cope, Steeler announcer who came up with the concept of the “Terrible Towel” many years ago. The NFC championship game we won to make it to the Super Bowl was on what would have been Myron’s birthday (he passed about a year ago). Myron’s adopted son, Danny, has autism and is a resident of the school that beneifts from procedes. I use to provide respite for Danny so Myron and his wife Hazel could go out/away. That was a LONG time ago, but Myron was an awesome person as was his wife.

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