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With This Ring I Thee Wed and Change My Facebook Status

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There are many things about Facebook that fascinate us — the “like” button, the fact that you can spy on your dentist, etc. But no feature intrigues us more than the relationship status button. It’s amazing to think that one button can generate so much gossip. One evening, for example,Gina was out with some old friends when a woman came up and introduced herself.

She said, “Hi,Gina I’m your friend Andy’s girlfriend.”

“Oh, nice to meet you,” said Gina. “Have you been going out for long?”

“Yes, several years. We’re very serious.”

“Really?” asked Gina, feeling a pit her stomach, since she had seen Andy’s relationship status earlier in the week say,  “It’s Complicated.”  The poor girl had no idea the relationship was in trouble, yet Andy’s first grade teacher, Mrs. Carpenter, knew.

While watching a family member exchange vows this summer, Gina’s husband turned to her and said, “I’m so glad we got married before Facebook. If that were us up there, you’d whip out your Blackberry and ask the priest to wait while you change your relationship status to married.”

Offended. Gina responded. “Mike that’s not true. I’d make Patty do it. That’s a Maid of Honor’s duty. Duh!”

The article below highlights this Facebook fascination with the relationship status. Weigh in and tell us what you think (don’t worry no scales are involved).

Reference: Facebook Status Marriage Is The Most Serious Commitment Of All [I Thee Dread] by

One Response to With This Ring I Thee Wed and Change My Facebook Status

  1. Jillian February 5, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    For me, I would leave it unanswered unless I was single and proud or married and proud. Having been a serial dater before being married this second time:-) I would NOT want to post “in a relationship” because then I would have to post single before long. ha

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