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Wondering When the Next School Call Will Come?

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Someday you may be able to tell months in advance.  You can with school cancellation snow days, thanks to a young David Suhkin, who created a Snow Day Calculator when he was in sixth grade, which  predicted with 100% accuracy when the next  snow day will be for his school district (see article below). While this is certainly impressive, we’d like to see him create a School Call Calculator.  Imagine being able to determine exactly when the next call will come days in advance. Now that’s progress. So anyone know a sixth grader who can invent this? Gina’s sixth grader likes to invent other things. “Mom, I couldn’t put away the clothes cause I had a headache.”

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One Response to Wondering When the Next School Call Will Come?

  1. HOPELights February 17, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

    It would be nice to predict those phone calls but sometimes you just have take them as they come.

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