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5 Things NOT to Say To Special Needs Parents

If you have a few seconds between fielding school calls, picking up prescriptions, and battling dust bunnies, please take a moment to read our latest blog for Psychology Today. It provides education on the things not to say to special parents. Lord knows, we’re all versed in what we can’t stand to hear.  Psychology Today reaches some 6 million viewers daily so this presents a great opportunity to spread The Movement of Imperfection by educating those who do not have children with special needs. It would be wonderful if you could share the link on your Facebook or Twitter pages. Or leave a comment. Or even better, have a tattoo of the five things created. Just kidding. A marquee in front of your house is plenty.

Open Mouth Insert Duct Tape -- What People Shouldn't Say to Special Parents

Here’s the link.


One Response to 5 Things NOT to Say To Special Needs Parents

  1. Pam March 16, 2012 at 2:06 am #

    “oh, he looks so tired! You need to go home and give him a nap-poor thing”. So, do I sit there and tell them that he had a good night sleep last night ( for a change) and that he has over 1000 seizures a day – so yes he looks tired, wouldn’t you”. So far I just smile and nod and walk away. But some day…..

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