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You Leave Me Breadless. Meet Today’s Guest Blogger – Anne Marie Chagnon

Our Guest Blogger initiative continues to be a great success. Bloggers from all over the world are virtually sleeping outside the virtual headquarters of Shut Up Industries to get their virtual opportunity (Okay, we may have exaggerated a tad).

If you’ve submitted your blog to us, we haven’t forgotten you; we’ve just been very busy. (On a happy note, Patty made it to Level 17 on Angry Birds)

Today, we’re proud to introduce Annemarie Chagnon. Annmarie is a Massachusetts’ mother of 5 kids. That’s right, we said 5  (4 boys and 1 girl). She has a child with autism, a child with Asperger’s and one with anxiety. Wouldn’t you love to sneak a peek at her school call log?

With little time for therapy (or breathing), Annemarie  or “Cincomom” as we call her,  uses her blog to share her challenges and joys. She invites you to grab a glass of wine and enjoy the chaos that is her life.  Please click on the link  below to read her favorite blog “I Am That Mom” and  give a virtual round of applause for Annemarie.

I Am That Mom, Too by Annmarie Chagnon

To read more of this post and other great works by Annemarie, visit you-leave-me-breadless.

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