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IMPERFECT NEWS ALERT — “‘Got Issues!” Contest Winners Announced

The Promotions Department at Shut Up Industries (Patty and Gina) has just notified the Marketing Department (Patty and Gina) that the winners of our “Show Your Issues in Public” Contest have been announced.  The wrinkle in the announcement (well besides the ones on our faces) is that we have decided to award two lucky winners $50 Target gift cards.  Please join the entire staff at Shut Up Industries (Patty and Gina) in congratulating the following winners:

Sue Barbosa – who demonstrates her imperfect pride on the job. Let’s hope she doesn’t bring her imperfections into surgery.

Cindy Seidel — who, quite frankly, raised the bar, with her behind the bar photo.

When asked what they were going to do with their gift card, the winners  proudly announced, “We’re going to the Pharmacy!”

Please join us in congratulating these creative and bold women.





One Response to IMPERFECT NEWS ALERT — “‘Got Issues!” Contest Winners Announced

  1. Julie - Ohio June 5, 2012 at 1:58 am #

    Congratulations Ladies. If you got together and I could have a drink before surgery your shirt’s message wouldn’t bother me at all.

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