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You Might Be An AspIe by Lynn Hawkins

P and G are so proud to share this amazing poem written by the very talented Lynn Hawkins. It sheds tremendous light on Asperger’s.


Do you find lots of comfort in routines and lists?
Do surprises and changes make you clench up your fists?
Would you much rather plan a vacation next year,
Than have someone tell you, “Just go grab some gear?”

Are you much more at ease, on Facebook and such?
Do people try to tell you they’re just a social crutch?
Do you shrink from a handshake, want to run from a hug,
And crowds make you want to take an anxiety drug!

Do your friends complain that you never call back?
Does inviting them over cause a panic attack?
You know that your home isn’t totally clean,
But worry they might actually say something mean?

Do you worry that you should offer them food?
And if you don’t will they think that you’re rude?
So you hurry and clean, putting clutter away,
Then decide not to ask them to visit that day.

Are you honest to a fault, perhaps even blunt?
When you hear someone lie, do you always confront?
Do things people say, seem not to make sense?
Does trying to understand make you feel very tense?

When friends ask a question, does it just cause you stress?
Do you find that the truth’s very hard to suppress?
Do you give so many details, they start to object?
But leaving things out, would not be correct!

Do people tell you that they think you don’t care?
When they are in tears, do they give you a glare?
Do you think that emotional reactions are dumb?
Would you rather take action than just being glum?

Do you find that when you’re sad or depressed,
No one even notices you’re feeling distressed?
Since they don’t see you either sob or complain,
Apparently they think that you never feel pain.

Do you find it more easy to get angry than sad?
Do people tell you that it’s wrong to be mad?
Do you sometimes just have to stomp and scream,
Because of someone who’s terribly mean?

Do you worry so much about social affairs,
The things that you’ll do, the clothes that you’ll wear,
How long it will take so you’ll get there on time,
That you decide not to go? Maybe some other time.

Are your sheets too cold and your pants too tight?
Is the music too loud and the sun too bright?
Do the tags in your clothes make you wiggle and scratch?
Do you have to cover all holes with a patch?

Do the seams in your socks have to be placed just so?
And if you can’t get them right, in the garbage they go?
Do your shoelaces feel wrong, so you tie them again?
Does this sound like you? Well does it? Well, then….

You just might be an Aspie!

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