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Imperfect Contest – Imperfect School Photo

Drop that Powerball ticket! There’s a better, more rewarding way to win big — enter our new Imperfect School Photo Contest.  We’re looking for funny school pictures from your childhood. We’ll narrow it down to 5 finalists and then put it out to voting on this blog.  Finalists will be selected on —

1) The tackiness of the clothing.

2)Funnyness of the pose.

3) Overall imperfect impression

The winner will receive a merchandise item of their choice from the Shut UP Store (subject to size availability).

Sadly, G (pictured here) will not be able to enter as Shut Up employees and family members are exempt. Too bad; it’s doubtful that a tackier shirt could be found. Contest submissions must be made by Saturday, December 1.  Finalists will be posted on Sunday, December 2 for voting. Entries should be mailed to  Also, when you submit your entry, you grant us permission to share on our Facebook page for kicks and giggles.






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