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Welcome to Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Therapy and sanity for ordinary parents of special kids.

Breaking News… Introducing Picture This… Our New Imperfect Contest

How does your special view you?


Do you ever wonder how our special children really see us?  Now’s the chance to see for yourself in our new spring contest — Picture This.  For this spirited imperfect competition, we’re asking special children ages 16 and under to submit their illustrations that  show their imperfect mother, father, or caregiver in a natural state.  Winners will receive a a VISA gift card – and of course, the glory of knowing they won a Shut Up Contest (American Idol has nothing on us).

Here are the contest rules:

  • Drawings/colorings must be submitted by April 30, 2013.
Entrants must be no older than age 16.
  • All entries should be sent to with the subject “Picture This Contest.” Note any emails not with this subject may NOT be considered. (P and G are distracted and may miss them. “Oh look a shiny penny!”)
  • Entrants must include their name and age and a brief description of what their parent is doing in the photo. Note: Parents may scribe for their children.
  • Two (2) winners will be selected. Each will receive a $50 Visa gift card.
  • Entrants and their parents grant permission for Shut Up Industries to promote photos for imperfect publicity purposes.
  • Five (5) finalists will be selected by Shut Up Industries and posted to this Blog for voting.
  • Voting will begin on Friday, May 4 and will run through Sunday, May 6 when the winner will be announced.
  • Contest reminders will be set up on our Facebook page.

Selection Criteria:

Finalists will be selected for creativity, humor, and reality.  

Winners who receive the most votes on our blog will be selected.


Good luck and may the best imperfect win!


2 Responses to Breaking News… Introducing Picture This… Our New Imperfect Contest

  1. Sheri April 23, 2013 at 1:01 pm #

    Is there an age limit for entry? Anyone under 18? Anyone under 12?

  2. Holly April 23, 2013 at 8:04 pm #

    My dd will be so sad she doesn’t meet the age requirement,
    She’s 14

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