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Welcome to Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Therapy and sanity for ordinary parents of special kids.

You Know You’re A Little Too Anxious to Get Out of the House When…


You back your car into the garage door.

You consider a visit to the mailbox a “mini vacation.”

You look forward to visiting the dentist.

You forget to put on your pants (and don’t bother to go back and get them).

You pass your spouse coming home from work in the driveway. “Welcome Home, Hon. See ya!”

You ask door-to-door salesman if they need any extra help.

You can’t wait for your next mammogram.

You’re giddy when your mother-in-law comes to visit.

You find yourself braless at the grocery store.

Your neighbor asks for a cup of sugar and you bring it over along with an overnight bag.

You have practice fire drills once a day.






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