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Welcome to Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Therapy and sanity for ordinary parents of special kids.

You know you’re addicted to Facebook when…

Houston, we may have a problem.

  • You call your dog by writing on his FB wall.
  • You have to check your spouse’s marital status to see if he’s still mad at you
  • You get in a heated political debate with your neighbor’s hamster.
  • You list your Facebook address for your child’s emergency contact information.
  • Your child lists Facebook on their reading log and you sign it.
  • You post photos of you going through the car wash.
  • You find out your area is experiencing an earthquake by reading other people’s posts.
  • You’re up all night counting your virtual sheep.
  • You accept a friend request from someone who scared you senseless in Junior High.
  • You leave a confession on a priest’s wall.
  • One of your “friends” is your third-grade teacher’s cat.
  • You’ve seen your mailman’s son’s report card.


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