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11.5 Things TO Say to A Stressed Out Special Parent

We gathered these from some of the funnies and smarties on our Facebook page.

1)  “Let the kid come hang out at my place for a bit, I’ve got this!”

2)   “Leave the kids with the husband and let’s go out for dinner. And drinks. Lots of drinks. And dessert.”

3)   “How can I help? ”

4)  “Can I watch your kid for you?”

5) “This too shall pass.”

6) “This too shall pass, but in the meantime, do you want to go for drinks?”

7) “Just breathe. You are not alone.”

8) “You’re doing a great job! Hang in there!”

9) “Let me do your housework while you get some rest.”

10)  “I’ll take your kids for you. You deserve a break.”

11)  “Here’s a winning lottery ticket. Now hire an assistant and book a vacation while I clean your house.”

11.5) “How do you stay so young looking. Do you use Oil of Olay?”

What would you like someone to say to you?


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