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Change of Graduation Plans

If all went  according to Gina’s “perfect” plan, her daughter Katie would be graduating today with the public high school. But God and life had a different plan for her and Gina  couldn’t be more thankful by the path he chose for her and for the entire family. Early on, when Gina mourned the loss of the life she planned for her daughter, she wishes she had known that this special path they are on is where they were meant to be. Along the way, their family has learned so much about love, life, resilience, family, and compassion. They have met people they never would have met. Appreciated things that other people  simply take for granted. And learned that no matter what they face, they will get through things together. When Katie was diagnosed with Asperger’s 10 years ago, Gina feared Katie would not be part of this day. She was right; she won’t be. Instead, she’ll be graduating next week with just 10 other students from the school that showed her what she is truly capable of becoming in front of the faculty and staff that have helped her become the proud, smart, accomplished, and lovable young woman she’s become. Congratulations to all the graduates of the Class of 2013.

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