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Bye, Bye, Bye! Interview with “The Mom With the Moves,” Bus Stop Dancing Sensation, Tracy Moutafis


She’s been called many things. “Ma,” “Mommy,” “Mom,” “Mum,” “Mama.” Probably even “crazy” by unsuspecting motorists.  A Boston television station once referred to her as “The Mom with the Moves.” She’s Tracy Moutafis, mother of two who’s taken the country and the Internet by storm with her unique bus stop boogie, an annual dance ritual in celebration of her children going back to school. We had the privilege of interviewing this dazzling  dancing dynamo to learn what moves her to take part in this heralded annual tradition.

SU: So Tracy, what inspires you to dance on the streets?

TM: Well, I love my children dearly, but let’s face it, by the end of the summer, I am ready for them to go back to school and they are ready to get away from me. Five years ago, I decided to show my excitement by breaking out in dance when the bus came. I’ve done it every school year since then.

SU: You’ve gotten quite a bit of publicity. In fact, we’re surprised you haven’t been a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance in the Streets? How did a Mom like you end up in a place like this?

TM: Well, it started off that I posted the video on Facebook for my friends to see. They thought it was hysterical. The next thing I know, I’m getting a call from the local newspaper, which wanted to post the video.  It took off from there. I’ve been on Boston TV, Good Morning America, and I was on Skype for Anderson Cooper’s show.  This year, I got a call from Fox and Friends.

SU: You have quite the moves, did you have any formal dance training say at Arthur Murray Studios? Or were you ever on Solid Gold?

TM: I don’t like to brag, but I did dance for several years as a kid at Miss Maria’s Dance Studio in Watertown, MA where I grew up.  I also danced at high school dances.

SU: Some of our loyal followers are dying to ask you questions. For example, a Mom would like to know if you’ve ever fallen in a crosswalk.

TM: Knock on wood, I’ve never fallen in the crosswalk or been hit by the bus.

SU: Another mother would like to know why in this year’s video, you didn’t dance when your kids got on the bus to increase the embarrassment factor?

TM: Well, in the past I’ve done that. But my 12-year-old, who started middle school, was a little nervous about it. I made a deal with him that I wouldn’t do it until he was on the bus. I love my son and had to keep my promise.

SU: How do your children and husband feel about your display of excitement?

TM: They think it’s really funny.  My 10-year-old loves it. I was going to dance for his bus, but then thought about it and didn’t want to overexpose myself.

SU: I see, so you don’t want to be like the Kardashian’s of bus stop boogiers?

TM: Yes, that’s right.

SU: How have your videos been received?

TM: A lot of people think they are hysterical. Others, have been so critical saying that I don’t love my children. One person even told me to go to a gym and get dance lessons.

SU: Well, personally, we are huge fans of your work. In fact, just the other day we tried copying your moves in the mirror. We weren’t successful until we served wine. Then, we were break dancing.  What would you like to say to those critical people?

TM: I would tell them to lighten up. I love my kids more than anything. But I’m human, too and there are times when I just want to go to the bathroom without someone screaming “Mom!”

SU: What would someone be surprised to know about you besides the fact  that you studied at Miss Maria’s?

TM: People don’t realize that my oldest son has autism. He has his struggles so when he gets on the bus it’s something to celebrate.

SU: In the past you’ve danced to Celebration and Beat It? What made you choose this year’s song, Bye Bye Bye?

TM: Well, I figured with the resurgence of ‘N Sync, it was timely.

SU: Yes, it was. We’re glad you went that route instead of the Miley Cyrus route.  Where can we see more of your great work?

TM: You can watch all my videos on

Tell us would you like to dance with the Bus Stop Boogier?










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