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10 Things Imperfect Parents Thought They Would Never Say

When you’re a parent, you often find yourself using the same parental cliches as your parents. If you’re an imperfect parent, however, you might find yourself saying things you thought NO parent would ever say.  Shut Up Sister Gina recently found herself in this situation when she admonished her daughter Emily, a cosmetology school student,  to “Get your heads off the table!” (as shown in the photo above). 

In the spirt of parental imperfection, here are “10 Other Phrases Imperfect Parents Thought They Would  Never Say,” as shared on the 900,000+ worldwide Shut Up Facebook community.

  1. “If you can’t respect your teachers, just sleep through their class.”
  2. “Let your sister out of the fold out couch.”
  3. “Stop shaking your head, you are not a bobble head doll.” 
  4. “Get your bras out of the plants; we have hampers.”
  5. “Why can’t you be out causing trouble like other teenagers your age?”
  6. “Great impersonation son… Now please take my bra off and put it back where you found it.”
  7. “It’s not polite to answer the door in only your underpants.”
  8. “We go pee in the potty NOT in cups or on the bookcase.”
  9. ‪ “Please don’t bite the dog.” 
  10. “We don’t pee off the balcony – inside or out.”

Did you say something you thought you’d never say? Let’s hear it.




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  1. smartykids July 26, 2017 at 10:43 am #

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

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