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Primping for Radio

Today Patty will be live on the air with Krys Boyd on KERA Radio in North Texas from 1-2:00 PM.  Krys’ show is called “Think.”We find this rather ironic as anyone who knows Patty, knows that she’s not all that bright.  To prove that she’s not that bright, she’s been shopping for an outfit to wear for this radio interview. This is a live call-in show so please if you’re going to call, make sure your questions aren’t too difficult for Patty to answer.  You may want to stick with the basics such as “What is your favorite color?” or “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”  Do not confuse her with such complex questions like, “What is the fastest land animal?”  If you could, please avail yourself so if the questions become too difficult, Patty can phone a friend.

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