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Lights, Camera, Imperfection!

Well, today we are on our way to our first television appearance to kick off our new book. We’re headed to West Hartford, CT, to visit the good folks at NBC 10. We had the privilege of visiting the station two years ago when we launched our self-published book. We remember it well. From the moment we walked in the door people were smiling at us and waving. We, were, of course, flattered and highly impressed.

“Wow Pat! Is it me or are they really excited to have us?”

“Oh, it’s definitely not just you. I noticed it too. In fact, I  think the weatherman just whistled at me.”

Yes, we were pretty convinced that we were the star attractions until Patty’s teen daughter, Jules, who accompanied us on the trip, had to burst our  respective bubbles.

“Like of course, they’re happy.  Duh! It’s Ice Cream Friday”  she said, pointing to a rolling ice cream cart.

Nonetheless, Jules’ newsflash did not deter us. “Well, that just makes this even sweeter.”

Happily, the interview went well, as we gathered when they presented us both with parting gifts. Patty was elated.  “A peppermint stick for me. That’s my favorite!  Thank you!”

But that was years ago. A lot has happened since then.  We’ve traveled around the country speaking with parents, caregivers, children,  and adults living with a wide range of disabilities. We’ve listened to their courageous and sometimes heartbreaking stories, and heard their voices when we were writing our new book.

As you would expect, we’re excited and a bit nervous. Excited because our television experience isn’t that extensive (save for our work on the Walmart security cameras). Nervous because we want to make sure that our message for the book rings loud and clear to parents who feel scared and alone. Yes, somewhere along our imperfect journeys, we realized this book isn’t just about us. It’s about all the amazing parents, grandparents,  caregivers, children, and teachers we’ve met along the way.

This one’s for you!

2 Responses to Lights, Camera, Imperfection!

  1. Gruitersx1 January 25, 2011 at 7:53 pm #

    I was thinking the other daytime that there be required to be a way seeking my kids to training at familiar with what they learn in class. Then it belabour me – songs!! On a strain usual rounded and ball-shaped in their heads and they’ll under no circumstances overlook it!

  2. Supernickeybp February 1, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    I was thinking the other period that there be obliged be a technique for the sake my kids to practice at people’s home what they learn in class. Then it hit me – songs!! Take a melody usual honest and honest in their heads and they’ll not at all lose it!

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