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Playing Games Not Just for Children

Kids play skiprope on Morro Strand State Beach

Image by mikebaird via Flickr

Today, we came across this great blog from It made Gina feel better because at the age of 44 and 7/16,  she’s  just a big goofy kid at heart who loves to play games. It’s probably why she’s still playing basketball  with two knees that are practically held together with bubblegum and tape. And why she actively tunes into the Price is Right every morning. “The Pasta Roni is $2.99, you idiot.” And why the neighborhood boys often come to her door looking for her to play street hockey with them — something her wise-cracking husband finds humorous.

“Hey Scooter, your friends want you to play. Be home before the street lights go on.”

Gina definitely loves her games. She especially loves to play the game of “I’m Goin’ on  a Picnic” when we travel, though Patty doesn’t seem to share the same interest. “Instead of Goin’ on a Picnic, why can’t you go for a nap like you usually do?”).  And like the author of the Blog (link below), Gina is a sucker for a good old fashioned game of tag, though given her advanced age and frequent need to rest,she prefers  Freeze Tag. (“Mommy, you’re not supposed to try and get tagged.”)

So is Gina just immature (rhetorical question; we know the answer)? Or do you too, share her love of games? Tell us what your favorite game is.

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One Response to Playing Games Not Just for Children

  1. Debbie Stephens January 26, 2011 at 6:55 pm #

    My son and I play “I Spy with My Little Eye” when traveling or the alphabet game (you know “A if for apple, B is for Banana} and we make the categories like food, snacks, boys names, girl names, pet names, animal species etc….SUAYPK moms could do it with meds or diagnosis…A is for autism, b is for biploar c if for cyclothymic, d is for depressed….}

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