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Parenting a Daughter Can Be Fun and Games

We thought it was poor parenting that made our daughters talk back to us and keep messy rooms, then we discover this article. Apparently the key to raising better behaved kids is to play Video Games with them, something neither of us have the patience or time to do. Yes, we have more pressing things to occupy our time — like updating our status lines on Facebook 35,000 times a day.

For awhile, we tried doing WII Fit with our kids. Gina in particular, was spending a lot of time teaching her youngest daughter, Emmy, the importance of exercise until she discovered Em beating the system by lying on the coach and just flicking the WII controller with her wrist.

“Mom, I just ran a marathon.’

“Wow, and you did it with a bowl of Cheetos!”

But maybe this article is on to something, maybe we should try to find games that interest us.  But before we shop, does anyone have any great games to recommend? How about that really popular one? What’s it called?  C.O.L. Call of Laundry.

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One Response to Parenting a Daughter Can Be Fun and Games

  1. Kelly February 3, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    I almost peed in my Snuggie again I was laughing so hard reading this! My daughter (who will most likely be a saint as a result of her passion for video games) runs marathons while eating junk food too!! But I (being wicked smaaat) got the new Kinect thingy for X Box and she can’t cheat any more. I highly recommend this thing. No controllers to worry about! (And hence no more stealing batteries from the carbon monoxide detector, the clicker or the camera) It’s a blast!

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