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Welcome to Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Therapy and sanity for ordinary parents of special kids.

Therapy Gone Bad


At the risk of boasting (something we fight against daily), we consider ourselves experts in the area of imperfection with particular expertise in professional therapy. We don’t provide it; but seek it (often). One need only look at our check registers or bank statements to draw that conclusion, “Wow, Pat! My last five purchases were to Family Therapeutics.”

“That’s great, Gene. Five more, and you’ll get that pill organizer  you’ve been looking at.”

Our experience with therapists for our children and ourselves makes us somewhat experts on the types of therapists to avoid.  Here are some in particular:

Narcissistic Therapists: “Enough about you, Doc. Can we talk about my problems now?”

Over Reactive Therapists: “Doc, could you hold your gasps until after I finish my story?”

Projecting Therapists: “Look Doc, I’m sorry your teenager doesn’t listen to you, but this session is about my disrespectful teenager, OK?”

Poor Business Therapists: “What do you mean you don’t accept credit cards? My family was hoping to get rewards and go to Disney on our issues!”

Quiet Therapists:  “Doc, are you there? Wake up!”

Judgmental Therapists: “Oh, you mean like YOU never run away from your home?”

To bring a little humor to the subject of therapy, P & G have put together this short video.  Take a look and then tell us what type of bad therapist you’ve encountered.

Therapy Gone Bad








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