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Write About Me Please, Mom! I Have All Kinds of Issues

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 22:  (UK TABLOID  Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen pose with their style icon award in front of the winners boards at the Elle Style Awards 2010 held at The Grand Connaught Rooms on February 22, 2010 in London, England.

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When people meet the both of us or read our book, they’re  often fascinated by the fact that we are sisters. We’re not sure if it’s the Mary Kate and Ashley obsession or the fact that they think we’re nuns. (“Don’t worry, you can swear in front of us; we won’t hit you with a ruler.”)  They can’t believe how well we get along and are able to share a book and a business, and not let sibling rivalry come between us. (“Gina thinks she’s smart; but the truth is, she’s not that bright either.”). We’re not sure why we’ve never had this rivalry. Maybe it’s because of our age difference (Patty is old enough to be Gina’s mother) or the fact that our parents like Patty better. (“You gotta admit, Gina Frances; Patty’s much nicer.”)

We do know that sibling rivalry happens in most families; Marcia and Jan Brady taught us that (“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia”). It also exists in our own households as our children are often fighting for individual attention and telling us that we have favorites. Naturally, we deny it. “Look, the way you’re acting, I don’t like either of you right now.” Gina is often amazed at how much her young daughter, Emily, competes with her older sister, Katie.” “Mom, she thinks she’s so perfect just cause she has Aperger’s.” And in Patty’s house, her son Michael was upset when she told him she was writing our first book about Jennifer and not him. “Write about me please, Mom! I have all kinds of issues.” One of our favorite stories from our first book was about a jealous brother who was upset his sister got to ride in an ambulance. ” That’s not fair! How come she gets to ride in in ambulance? I want a seizure, too.”

We kid, but many typical children often have to take a backseat to their special siblings. It can cause resentment and pain, and plenty of guilt for parents (as if we didn’t have enough already).  The article below highlights this serious issue. Check it out. Also, be sure to tune in to Family Network TV (premiering in February), which will introduce a new show called Siblinghood that addresses these issues.

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